A Collection of Great Dissertation Titles on Taxes

Students who are pursuing a career in taxes may want to work as an accountant, either for a business or for individual clients. Before they can do this, however, they must create a dissertation that showcases their competence in accounting. The best way to start is to browse dissertation titles for ideas on appropriate topics.
Here are some taxes and finance dissertation titles to get your mind going.

  1. An Analysis of Taxes in Developing Countries
    Consider ideas like tax fraud, tax evasion, and other issues as they exist or do not exist in third world countries.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility and Taxes
    Should corporations be looking for less loopholes out of their taxes and take higher tax rates to better preserve the wealth of their consumers?
  3. Availability of Ethical Resources for Tax Consultants
    Some tax consultants may attend months of schooling and become unsure when ethical situations arise. What resources exist for ethical reporting and are they available?
  4. An Analysis of Company Treatment of Whistleblowers
    There are laws in place to protect whistleblowers once they report unethical practices. Unfortunately, this does not stop internal retaliation in the company. What systems can be put in place to prevent this?
  5. Non-Tax Compliance, Revenue Loss, and its Effects
    Consider how companies are fined for non-compliance of their taxes. How does this effect the company, the economy, or even the country as a whole? Consider this especially in developing countries.
  6. Constitutional Changes and the Rights of Taxpayers
    Analyze the constitution as it applies to the rights of taxpayers and what issues have arisen or changed with time.
  7. Manufacturing and Investment Incentives in Developing Countries
    How could incentives to encourage development through manufacturing and investment in business spur the economic growth of developing countries like Singapore, Malaysia, or South Africa?
  8. Big Business, Tax Evasion, and the Middle Class
    How common is it for businesses to claim many deductions on their taxes, even so many that they owe nothing? How does this cheat the middle class and slow economic growth, possibly harming the company?
  9. Big Business, Their Employees, and Welfare
    Consider the number of employees of a select big business that receive government assistance of some kind. When companies do not pay taxes, should this not be seen as their burden?
  10. An Analysis of Tax Cuts, Regulations, and Restrictions Across the Years: A Case Study
    Choose a country and consider their tax law across the years. Consider how the laws have changed and how this has effected the economy of subsequent years.

Before you compose your taxes dissertation, you need a topic and a title. Hopefully, these dissertation title examples have given you a solid idea of appropriate tax topics to write about. You can either use these directly and incorporate your own ideas and research or use these topic ideas to come up with some of your own. Either way, you will have a solid ground to compose your thesis on.