Choosing Up-to-Date Dissertation Topics in Accounting

Deciding on what dissertation topics in accounting are appropriate for your degree can be difficult. This is especially true because accounting dissertations are complex in nature and require a lot of research and analysis. Check out these accounting topics to help you come up with ideas. If you find yourself struggling over other parts of your dissertation, find here some tips that you can use.

15 Current Dissertation Topics

  1. Credit and Financing Options: How Important is Obtaining Funding to Growth and Investment?
  2. Microfinance: An Analysis of the Influences of Microfinance on the Economies of Developing Countries
  3. Mutual Funds Benefits: An Analysis of its Investments and Returns
  4. Electronic Banking: An Analysis of Safety Measures and Effectiveness
  5. Social Responsibility in UK Banking: An Analysis of Recent Updates, Trends, and Practices
  6. Ethical Guidance in Accounting: How Available Are Ethical Resources for Accountants to Reach Out
  7. An Analysis of the Missing Links between Ethics and Accounting
  8. An Analysis of the Relationship between Performance in the UK Banking Industry and Equity Price
  9. An Analysis of Retirement Plans Offered by Local Banks in Your Area
  10. Current German Banking Practices and How They Effect Global Economy
  11. The International Finance Reporting Standards of the UK: An Analysis of the Effects on All Businesses
  12. Corporate Social Responsibility: An Analysis of Common Practices and Ethics
  13. Auditing: Effectiveness of Auditing Practices Internally and Externally
  14. Measures of Performance in the Accounting Industry
  15. An Analysis of Corporate Collapse: A Case Study of Enron and What it Means for Regulations in the Business World

Choosing the Perfect Topic

You are going to spend weeks or maybe even months uncovering and analyzing facts to create your accounting thesis. To prevent this from being a tedious practice, your primary objective should be choosing a topic that interests you. If you are actually interested in what you are learning about, the task at hand will be more pleasant. Your secondary objective should be to choose a topic that is the adequate length. While there is more freedom with this when writing dissertations than when writing other assignments, be sure you meet the minimum requirements.

The first step in writing any dissertation is choosing the perfect topic to invest your time and research in. Check out some of the ideas above or use these to come up with your own. If you need additional guidance, look for accounting dissertation examples on the web.