Organizing An Appropriate Dissertation Title Page: 5 Rules

Even the dissertation title page can challenge students composing a dissertation for the first time. It includes a great deal of information and must be organized in the right way. Since the title page is the first thing a reviewer will see, any errors can discourage them from reading any further. Follow these 5 rules and you will easily be able to compose your title page.

#1: Follow Proper Formatting Throughout

You do not want to use a special case for your title page. Instead, use the normal size-12 font that you used through the rest of your document. Center all the information, including the title, author information, purpose of the dissertation, and information on the school the student attended during their research. There should be 1-inch margins on all four sides of the document.

#2: Setting The Title

The first section of information is your title. This should be written in all capital letters. As you compose your title, keep in mind that it cannot be longer than 240 characters (including spaces). For example, you can read more on appropriate marketing dissertation titles here.

#3: Introducing Yourself

The next section will offer author information. Skip a few lines after the title and write ‘by’. Then, skip another line and write your first and last name in the proper case. Skip another line and include your degrees, including information on the degree, the institution that you obtained the degree from, and the year you obtained the degree.

#4: Introducing The Purpose Of Your Thesis

The first line of this section will read “A Dissertation”. The next line will read “Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the” and the final line will offer information on the degree you are trying to obtain.